The Zhuang People Group

Some Zhuang people have already heard the gospel but walked away because of fear of being ostracized by their village and relatives. As Christians, they would not be able to participate in their village rituals and festivities. Many of the believers are women, so there is a lack of male leadership. Trust that God will work in the hearts of men and raise male leaders as currently there is hardness in their hearts and they are not open to the gospel.  They are bound in darkness and need a breakthrough.

Believers are scattered in different villages. Trust that house churches will be established in outlying areas. Visitation by the small team of local leaders is rather challenging. Pray that our Father will give them patience and determination to care for the flock.


• Pray that the believers will persevere through many persecutions, hardship and trials.

• Pray that believers will have a burden and vision to reach out to their own families and relatives.

• Pray for the spread of the Good News to the countryside. The area is vast and believers are mainly concentrated in the main town of the district; there are very few believers in the countryside.

• Pray for the local Zhuang leaders for wisdom, holiness, faith, and willingness to take risks for the Kingdom of God.

• Pray for believers who are single. The pressure from parents and society to find a spouse is very big and many of the believers fall for it and marry a nonbeliever.  Pray for trust and patience. Also pray for better ways to connect with single believers from other areas.


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