The Lisu People Group

For the past seven years one of our students, Mark, has been heavily engaged in a revision of the Lisu Bible. He, along with another dear brother in the Lord, have been busy reviewing the old Lisu Bible and remedying inaccuracies in its translation, making sure that it is an accurate translation.
During November a semi-trailer filled with over 15,000 of the new Lisu Bibles arrived early one morning, and all of the student and staff were enlisted to help take the Bibles from the truck and stack them on the shelves; shelves that were only just completed the day before the Bibles arrived.
The challenge is now to get these Bibles into the hands of those who need them.
Please pray that the Lord will make a way for these Bibles to reach the hands of those who need it. Praise God with us for Mark’s giftedness with languages to be used for God’s glory in this way.


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