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* Please note that we are in the process of updating the website and some of the prayer guides might be outdated.*

The Mekong Center produces prayer guides for various unreached people’s throughout the Mekong region. We hope these will help you pray more effectively for these peoples of SE Asia.

How to Order

To order any of our prayer guides, simply browse through the images below and click on any one for the title, a detailed description, and the booklet cost. Simply copy down the name of the guide(s) you wish to order and email us with the amount of each guide you would like to purchase. Our staff will guide you through the process of completing and shipping your order.

    INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Click on any image for details and costs 2) Navigate using keyboard arrow keys or mouse 3) Submit your order below

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Downloadable Prayer Guides & More

Interested in a free download? Not all of our prayer guides are available as a download, but a few are. Check below to see if one of the below prayer guides or calendars is what you’re looking for.

30 Days of Prayer for the Tai Yuan (Prayer Guide) 8.2MB

30 Days for the Zhuang (Prayer Guide) 550kB

Faces of the Black Tai / Tai Dam (Prayer Guide) 2.4MB

Prayer Focus Myanmar (Prayer Guide) 1MB

30 Days of Prayer for the Shan (Prayer Guide) 7.7MB

Kingdom of Priests – Prayering through Exodus for the Dong People of China (Prayer Guide) 942kB