Global Prayer Movements


The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.
– James 5:16

We believe that prayer is essential in building our relationship with Christ and keeping us focused on building His Kingdom for His glory. For this reason, prayer is central in all we do and hope for in the future. Our heart’s passion is to see an indigenous biblical church planting movement among the unreached people groups of the Mekong, and it is our desire to mobilize Global Prayer Movements for the unreached people groups of the Mekong region.


We believe that God is calling His whole church to intercede for the nations. It is estimated that there are over 300 million Christians alive today. If each of the 300 million Christians alive today was tasked with praying for just 1 unreached people group, and if these unreached people groups were assigned proportional to their population, then there would be thousands praying for every people group.

For example: the Hmong people (8.1 million) represent 0.135% of the 6 billion people on planet earth. If 0.135% of all Christians prayed for the Hmong there would be 405,000 believers interceding for the Hmong.

In Mekong, intercessory prayer is a part of who we are and this is not something we recruit others to do for us, but rather join with us. Will you be a part of this Global Prayer Movement?

Teams of Thousands

It is our belief that as teams of intercessors are mobilized, the full potential for a church planting movement will be reached. We want to mobilize a prayer movement for each unreached people group that Mekong targets. Our goal is to mobilize the thousands of intercessors we believe God is raising up as the spearhead of each team. These prayer advocates will join in what God is doing throughout the Mekong region and intercede for the millions that remain unreached.

Prayer Movement Strategy

We want to see a rapid multiplication of intercessors for Mekong’s unreached people groups, raising awareness among their communities, gathering with others who share the same passion for the unreached and who will mobilize more prayer movements among their friends, family, community and throughout the world.

Effective Communication

Read the stories of the unreached people groups and get their prayer updates to read the latest update on each of the people groups. Look for others to join you in the ministry of prayer and share with them what the Lord is doing. Share the stories of the unreached, pray with them, and remember the call.

Personnel & Resources

Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire?
– Corrie Ten Boom

Mekong appoints people to the task of mobilizing prayer movements. It is considered a primary ministry not an appendage to other work. Mekong plans special events and resources to help move the global church forward in focused intercession for the peoples of the Mekong.

Prayer Journeys

In Mekong, prayer journeys are encouraged. They are the primary ministry of short-term teams.