Phuan Perspective

It’s no fun to get bitten by a tiny tick and come down with scrub typhus. That was definitely Miss Chan’s experience when she took ill with this nasty parasitic disease – no fun at all! Soon she had a raging fever and a rash that itched like anything. Appetite – gone. Nausea – oh, yes! Chan’s dad took her to hospital and Chan’s sister went to Chan’s employer and filled in for her sister’s absence from the job. Nice, huh?

After a week in the hospital Miss Chan was discharged, looking sickly, shaken and pale. It will take a while to get fully back on her feet. We have all experienced illness but for most Lao Phuan people and their families, these crises of health are faced without the wisdom, comfort and healing power of Jesus.

Please pray
• That the difficulties of life will make Lao Phuan people desperate for The Deliverer
• That periods of recovery will not be wasted but that hearts will turn to the Lord during these days of inactivity
• For Miss Chan. She is real person with a real need for Jesus. She is hearing the Gospel.


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