Geographical Distribution

Iu Mien
They are one of about 19 minority people groups which the Chinese government group together as ‘Yao’.


Because of the confusion over the term ‘Yao’, with some understanding it to be synonymous with ‘Mien’, figures are unreliable. A figure of about 1.2 million is approximately correct.

China: Southern Provinces
Thailand: mostly the north
Laos: mostly the north
Vietnam: mostly the north
USA: mostly the West Coast

A Brief History:

The Mien originated in China. Culturally, they are very close to the majority Han Chinese. The Mein have traditionally worked as upland farmers, which many still do. They migrated from the southern provinces of China down into Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. When Laos fell to the Communists in 1975 about 25,000 Mien became refugees. Most of them were resettled in the States.


Official Language:
Iu Mien
A number. Linguistic analysis still needs to be done to clarify the picture.


Literacy among the Mien is mostly restricted to the younger generations under the age of 35, who were given schooling by whichever country they reside in. As a result, most Mien who are literate are only literate in the language of the country they live in.


Many still work as farmers in mountain fields. Some of the younger generations, those who have a better education, are beginning to find jobs in towns.

Religion and Beliefs

The main religion of the Mien is Daoism. There is animism and ancestor veneration, but the spirit priests use Daoist ritual books.


0.7% evangelized

Christian ministries established so far:
Translation of the entire Bible into Mien has been completed and the Mien Bibles have been distributed. Literacy materials and other reading materials exist, but are very limited. Daily radio broadcasts exist in the Mien language. The Jesus film and video are available in the Mien language.

How to pray for the group
Pray for more workers, both national and missionary.
Pray for nominal Mien Christians to come to a true faith.
For Mien Christians to allow Jesus to be LORD in their life.
For Mien Churches to have a missionary vision to reach their own people.
That God would call people with linguistic gifts to analysis and learn the different dialects, so that Scriptures and other materials can be made for the Mien who speak these dialects.
That new believers in Creative Access Nations will tune into the radio broadcasts and that Scriptures, teaching tapes and other materials will reach them.
For grace and steadfastness for those Mien who are being persecuted in Communist countries.
For the Holy Spirit to be poured out in renewal on the Mien church in the different countries