People Groups

What is a People Group?

A people group is a group of people who are connected with each other because they speak the same language and share their culture. Or in other words,  “a significantly large sociological grouping of individuals who perceive themselves to have a common affinity with one another.”[1]

Within the Mekong region, most people groups are linked by a shared language and culture. But, some people groups, like the Hmong for example, have many sub-groups which vary in terms of cultural norms and language.

People groups often cross international borders. This can make outreach a tricky business, especially when these countries range from near-western levels of freedom of religion, to communistic state-decreed universal atheism.

What makes them “unreached?”

Most of the people groups profiled by Infomekong are classified as Unreached People Groups. “An unreached or least-reached people is a people group among which there is no indigenous community of believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources to evangelize this people group.[2]

Our mission is “to see indigenous movements of reproducing churches among all Mekong peoples, obeying Jesus and His Great Commission” and we long to see the inadequate numbers of believers and resources among the people groups of the Mekong region drastically changed!

Some of the people groups profiled by Infomekong have large Christian populations in one country, and are now being encouraged to take the gospel to their brothers and sisters across international borders. Others have no known Christian population and no current missionary presence. These people groups are considered both unreached and “unengaged.”

Infomekong provides a number of people group profiles for people groups within the Mekong region of Southeast Asia. If you are interested in unreached people groups outside of the Mekong region, please visit

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