Mekong Ministries – Week 3

The work among the Lahu is continuing. The team recently returned from a trip to several villages and reported that 6 more people have made decisions for Christ. There are now 18 believers in 3 villages. 4 of the believers are a family. Less than a year ago the name of Jesus was completely unknown among the Lahu. Our team has been encouraging these believers to listen to short wave broadcast which will help them learn about God and how He wants them to follow Him.

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  1. Posted on February 6, 2014 at 5:23 pm by sherly trujillo

    I tried to contact but it doe not work.

    my name is Sherly trujillo, and I am a missionary working in Japan.We are looking for a place where we can send a short term mission team from my church.
    2. We are thinking around 8/19-28 of 2014 about 7-10 people.
    3. Our team can do whatever ministry you need and help through offering.
    4. It will be wonderful growth experience for Japanese Christians.

    Do you think these plans are possible? We are looking forward the place in Southeast Asia such as Philippines or other third world country.

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