Living on both sides of the Mekong River

The So people are a small, poor, uneducated people that live in a forgotten country.  A people who worship and live in fear of demons and whose physical remoteness continue to play a vital role in holding them in this state.


Mrs. Lay, a So woman, lives in one of these remote villages.   Once demon possessed and crazed, she lived a life dictated by fear and torment from the spirits until a battled was waged.  A battle that started with prayer.  It all started with sending two separate prayer-walking teams through Mrs. Lay’s village; a place where there were no believers.   The battle had begun.  Weeks later, Lao and Thai believers joined in with prayer and fasting once they heard that Mrs. Lay, while still being under the stronghold of Satan, wanted to be free and desired to follow Christ.  The battle intensified.  Every night she would become possessed, not remembering anything that took place while under the influence of the evil spirit.  More people joined in praying over Mrs. Lay.  People near and far were now engaging in the spiritual battle over Mrs. Lay’s life and a couple of months later the victory was given.


Now Mrs. Lay is living with a hope and peace that she is faithfully sharing with others in her village.  Many So people have come to know Jesus through her testimony and now there is a handful of So believers in a place that was once dark and barren.  This is a great thing for sure, and yet still much more work is to be done.  Discipleship is needed and has been started in Mrs. Lay’s village.  But with the harsh road conditions and being so remote, especially in the rainy season, it is hard to consistently go out to train the new believers.  More training and prayer is needed.


Please pray:


  • That consistent discipleship would take place with Mrs. Lay and the new believers.  That they would be strengthened and encouraged during the times when no one can visit them.
  • That the continual transformation in worldview and understanding of who Jesus is would take place among the So believers through discipleship.
  • For other So people who are still in bondage and have yet to hear about the power of Christ.  That God would be preparing the way for His truth to come to them.



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