Aids Care

Tuy, a 5 year old girl in our AIDS CARE project in Mae Hong Son (MHS), has moved, together with her mother and grandmother, to a small town south of MHS.
Toi, our team leader in MHS, asked our volunteer worker in Pai, GAEW, to visit Tuy and her family.

When Gaew went to visit the family, she met the new husband of Tuy’s mother who told her that Tuy is well and happy. Gaew could see it herself as Tuy was playing happily with her new friend, Beng.

As the conversation went on Gaew found out that the husband of Tuy’s mother was a relative of a member of the small church in Pai. Gaew than recognized Tuy’s new friend, Beng, as the grand nephew of the leader of the church in Pai.

Geaw is very excited to see God bringing all these connections together. She now plans to visit on a regular basis to help Tuy and Beng with their homework.

May God use Gaew (our volunteer worker in Pai) to demonstrate His love to these two children, their families and to the people in this village.

Tuy’s mother, having heard the gospel from Toi ( project leader in MHS) is very open und interested. She is HIV+ but is not a Thai citizen and therefore does not receive ARV medicine.

May this situation, taking place in a small village outside of Pai, lead towards the expansion of the AIDS CARE project in this area as well as to the expansion of God’s kingdom.


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