Do a Prayer Journey

Prayer Works!

Prayer is the first of our core values and one that we believe is fundamental to everything that we do in relationship with Jesus Christ. By going on a prayer journey, you will be given a chance to pray “on site with insight” for the millions of unreached peoples found throughout Southeast Asia. This is a chance for you to go behind enemy lines, join other journeyers on a team ready to engage in spiritual battle and lift the needs of the least-reached people before the throne of God.

There is power in prayer that can tear down all barriers and we need people willing to go, learn and pray for the unreached. Will you join us?

Why Would I Do This?

But I pray to you, O Lord, in the time of your favor; in your great love, O God, answer me with your sure salvation.
-Psalm 69:13

We believe that by coming to Southeast Asia and experiencing firsthand the culture and needs of the many unreached peoples; you will be better equipped to effectively pray for the millions who continue to live without the truth found in our Lord and Savior. We also believe that by walking in the footsteps of the unreached, seeing their need and praying over them, you are laying the foundation which will open the doors for them to hear the truth and know their Creator, His love, grace, mercy and salvation.

Who Can Be A Prayer Journeyer?

Salvation through Jesus Christ is an absolute must. Prayer journeyers must recognize their spiritual, emotional, and physical weaknesses and be willing to actively depend on Jesus in each of these areas, for they will be “stretched.” Journeyers must have servant hearts and be willing to work hard in prayer, often in difficult circumstances. We need people who are willing to be pushed to the limit and serious about praying for unreached people and persecuted Christians.

What Will I Do?

A prayer journey is not a glorified vacation or a holiday for Christian tourists. You will go beyond the path of a normal tourist and see real needs, the pain and the cry of the unreached. There’s nothing glamorous about this. It’s intense, focused, challenging and will take you out of your comfort zone. You will probably pray more during your journey than ever before and face the truth of spiritual battles and cultural pressures that persecuted Christians face. You will pray for those who have never been prayed over, visit their villages, interact in their lives, and be part of the generation that breaks down the obstacles that hinder them from knowing the truth.

What Does A Typical Day Look Like?

The day begins with a team meeting, where you will review the prayer points for the city/village you are in. Your team will then split up into pairs or small groups, and walk through the city, praying for specific prayer points, as well as anything else the Lord leads you to pray for. Team members usually visit markets, temples, schools, and government buildings interacting with the local people as much as they can.

How Many People Are On A Team?

We try to keep a low profile in the countries we target. In order to do this the maximum amount of team members is six people and the minimum is four. The teams could be friends, family, school/work colleagues, and church members, or you can join one of our international teams.

How Long Are The Trips?

The average prayer journey is two weeks long. These two weeks include: two days of training and orientation, six to seven days on the prayer journey, one day for debriefing and one day to relax. Longer trips may be available upon request.

What People Are Saying

Would you recommend going on a prayer journey?

Yes, wholeheartedly, primarily for the reason that it is much easier to engage consistently in informed prayer as a result of having been to the region.
– Aberdeen

Most definitely. Prayer journeys allowed us to learn about another people and culture. It allows us to participate in what God is doing with these people, even before we can see it happening…The lessons learned during a prayer journey are invaluable.
– Shannon

Some people, including myself, had a little trouble understanding why we were going on a prayer journey. It really is something that needs to be experienced. I can tell them all the reasons why, but until they go they will never understand why it is so important.
– Chris

Yes. Prayer journeys are a good short term option, for both vision and doing meaningful work in a short amount of time.
– Michael