Church Planting Movements

We believe in indigenous church movements.

What does it mean that we believe in indigenous church movements?

It means we want to see the church grow in a way that fits the local culture and language. It also means that the role of the (foreign) missionary is one of a mentor and trainer. He or she empowers the local Christians, rather than somebody who leads them. This, of course, requires a lot of humility.

Furthermore, if we say ‘movement’ we talk about an ongoing process, so we look at the long term goals and try to make our work reproducible.

We like to ask ourselves the question ‘what needs to be done?’ instead of the question ‘what can I do?’, this  helps  us to realize that we are only part of the story. This then leads to us having a clear exit strategy as well, when we are not there, the work will continue.


by Tze-Hung Seeto


We also recognize that there are many challenges to be faced.

There is the challenge of making sure the movement develops into a mature church, without turning our principles into pre-packaged methodology.

At the same time we need to share and develop our vision with the world wide church and build partner ships across the world.

We realize that we are part of God’s plan. He doesn’t depend on our methods or our activity. This should give us an attitude of prayer and humility, we depend on his Grace.

by Tze-Hung Seeto